Our 'to do' : Improve the  LX for 1,000,000 leaders, and improve the EX for 10,000,000 team members.

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It’s our mission to create a world that has more high-performing organisations, with happier, more productive people by democratising access to life-changing personal and professional development.

We do that by equipping leaders to excel at every step of leadership, which includes providing development to their team members, and by creating and sustaining a great culture.

We believe that through improving the LX by providing leaders with tools and techniques to excel at every step of leadership, we can improve the lives of leaders, the employee experience of their team members, and the performance of their organisations.

We are driven to improve the Leader Experience (LX).

The 3 problems that we believe needed to be solved

1. When High-performing team members are promoted to leadership roles, they should be given tools that set them up for success.

There is un-ending talk of promoting technical experts to leadership positions and not giving them timely training and development opportunities to succeed as a leader. This is true. We also believe that providing timely development is important; however, we believe that just giving them some training and/or coaching is insufficient.

If the organisation wants to set their leaders up for success, and therefore maximise the engagement and performance of their teams, they need to provide their leaders with the resources to be successful. They should have frictionless access to tools and resources that help them at every stage of the employee life cycle.

REACH uses integration and innovation to provide an integrated capability and culture platform to solve this problem.

2. Life changing, and performance-improving learning and development opportunities should not be limited to people who are already senior or identified as ‘high-potentials’.

Working with organisations over the years, we noticed that, due to a lack of innovation in the industry, cost, complexity and speed meant that meaningful and mind-expanding learning opportunities that included opportunities to develop self-awareness or have a curated longer-term learning pathway was only offered to people who were ‘high-potentials’ or already senior.

This situation has been largely unavoidable until now because there has been a lack of meaningful innovation in the industry, which left organisations without any realistic ways to change it in a meaningful way. However, it resulted in a strategy that inevitably sounded like “this small segment of people can get invited to leadership development, and they get access to a content library.” The working population today already has access to unlimited content, so in a practical sense they were excluded from meaningful development.

This exacerbates the inequitable divide between different demographics and leaves the organisation only maximising performance of a small percentage of their workforce.

REACH uses analytics, automation, and business model innovation to solve this problem, helping bridge social inequities and organisation to improve performance of larger portions of their workforce.

3. Developing the capability and agility of the workforce should not be so expensive, slow, and difficult to measure.

Many people who spend their career helping develop people are purpose-led and are doing what they do to have positive impact on people’s lives, and to help organisations improve their performance. However, usually it has been difficult for them to report on the impact they have had, instead needing to rely on feedback about the experiences they provided as anecdotal evidence of outcome.

Additionally, tools and systems have often used a disproportionately large amount of the budget, so their impact was limited to a smaller audience.

We have built the REACH LX Platform to help purpose-led people professionals have more impact and demonstrate their outcomes.

Who are we?

We are an 100% Australian-owned, privately held, self-funded platform that was born out of 10 years of research and development and international collaboration between Prof. R Douglas Waldo (author of the REACH Quotient), Dr. Grant Castner (our CIO) and our owners, Karen Winfield and Paul Findlay (our CEO).

Dr. R Douglas Waldo,
Dr. Grant Castner CIO
Paul Findlay CEO
Karen Winfield, Partner
Edna Wischkaemper - Bilingual Advisor

It's our mission to provide you with everything you need to have a higher performing organisation with a more capable, adaptable and engaged workforce. Our platform will make it clearer and faster and lower cost. If that’s a combination that is appealing to you, we would love to welcome you to the REACH Ecosystem.