Equip your leaders with tools and techniques to excel at every step of leadership

Unlock Improved Performance By Equipping Leaders To Excel

Combining over a decade of rigorous research and product development with automation, the REACH LX Platform provides leaders with evidence-based, data-led tools that are designed to be picked up and used by leaders of all levels. Which means that with REACH, your leaders are equipped to solve their biggest leadership challenges so they can excel at every step of leadership. 

Leaders are equipped with tools and techniques to excel when they are: 

  • Building Teams:

    By selecting, securing and assimilating top talent.

  • Developing Culture:

    To create an environment where people ‘can’ and ‘want’ to do their best work.

  • Developing Self:

    By learning to listen with a growth mindset and accessing curated learning.

  • Developing and retaining team members:

    With targeted coaching and diverse learning opportunities.

  • Leading, managing and motivating:

    Different people and teams and in different contexts.

  • Using strengths-based management:

    To build project teams, delegate effectively and succession plan using a strengths-based management approach.

It’s time to improve your LX by equipping your leaders with tools to excel.

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Tools and Techniques for Each Step of Leadership:

Leadership Step: Build Teams

A unique interview guide tailored to each role and each person.

Improve your interviews so you select and then secure people that will thrive in your role more often.

Onboard your people more effectively using a powerful, easy-to-run ‘welcome to the team’ session that helps the team maintain trust and collaboration so they can stay high-performing even as new members join.

Leadership Step Leaders Learn Using These Tools
Select Top Talent
  • Strengths-Based Interviewing
  • Final Interview Companion Part 1
Secure Top Talent
  • To articulate and demonstrate a Compelling Employee Value Proposition
  • Final Interview Companion Part 2
Assimilate Top Talent
  • Onboarding That Builds Trust and Collaboration
  • Formation Companion & Presentation

Leadership Step: Develop Culture

Leaders are busy and don’t want to become “culture experts” however their leadership experience is improved when they know whether people are committed to stay and to do their best work.

Even more importantly if people aren’t committed/engaged leaders need ideas and tools to take action.

Leaders learn how to use the tools to find out about the current culture and to access the automated dashboards that explain why their scores matter – and provide ideas and resources to improve the low scores .

Leadership Step Leaders Learn
Using These Tools
Create and maintain a culture where people can and want to do their best work.
  • What engagement is, and how to identify what is negatively impacting the employee experience and engagement.
  • How to customise and send Culture and Pulse Surveys.
  • How to read and understand the Culture reports and insights dashboard.
  • Customisable Pulse Surveys, customisable Culture Surveys (both with pre-written question banks, and guidance in writing additional custom questions).
  • Instant plain language reports.
  • Insights dashboards with recommendations and resources to take action.

Leadership Step: Develop Self

In addition to these tools for each step of leadership, leaders need to continue to grow and develop. REACH provides leaders with self-directed learning, opportunities to develop awareness, tools to enhance their coaching relationship with their coach (if they have one) and training class materials for their organisation to provide formal learning opportunities.

They have resources for their ongoing development to suit their learning preferences and the resources of the organisation.

Leadership Step Leaders Learn
Using These Tools
Develop self-awareness, a mindset that sees feedback as an opportunity and engage in self-directed learning.
  • To develop a 'Listen to Learn' growth mindset and use feedback as a gift.
  • Access the automatically curated learning.
  • Leaders also develop their self-awareness as part of the recommended REACH Group debrief events.
  • Customisable 360 feedback surveys (with question banks, complimented by Culture tools).
  • Personal Development Dashboard with personally curated learning
  • Coaches Companion

Leadership Step: Develop and retain team members

When people feel stale and like they aren’t learning or progressing, they lose interest and look for a new role. However, it’s difficult for leaders to constantly offer development and learning opportunities, REACH solves that problem with a variety of options including Coaching Programs, MicroLearning, to ways to add learning to meetings and even a full training class resources.

With REACH leaders are equipped to develop their people to keep them engaged.

Leadership Step Leaders Learn
Using These Tools
Improve engagement, retention and performance by providing development opportunities.

How to create, introduce and implement the following:

  • Coaching that is structured, personalised and measurable
  • Provide personal development plans
  • Complete training workshops
  • Providing frequent, constructive feedback
  • Enhancing meeting value by adding targeted short learning activities to meetings
  • Coaches Companion – automatically created personalised coaching programs
  • Automated Personal Development dashboards
  • ~50 days of editable content and the Trainers’ Companion
  • 360s/180 customisable feedback tools
  • Make It Stick Activity Packs – 100s of 10-minute activities automatically curated and provided by the platform

Leadership Step: Lead, manage and motivate

Leaders also need to understand how their team ticks, how to motivate them and strategies for leading and managing different types of teams. REACH provides unique leadership companions for different types of teams including physically present work teams, virtual teams and sales teams.

Leadership Step Leaders Learn
Using These Tools
Learn how to adapt their leadership style to lead, manage and motivate different people, different teams and in different contexts.
  • Understanding of people’s drivers and preferences, and combine those with adapted leadership based on the different contexts. (The content in the Certified Leader Course is intended to be extended in a facilitated workshop by a Certified Practitioner using content also provided by the platform).
  • How to understanding and implement the Development Companions provided by the platform.
  • Team Development Companion
  • Sales Development Companion
  • Leadership Development Companion
  • Virtual Team Companion

Leadership Step: Delegate, Promote and Projects

To optimise team performance, leaders need to delegate based on people’s strengths and skills. They also need to identify people for projects teams and succession plan or promote.

REACH Strengths search equips leaders for all those needs – to do it at scale and without bias.

Leadership Step Leaders Learn
Using These Tools
Identify internal talent to form project teams, or for strengths-

  • How to search work-style preferences, skills and strengths across the workforce

  • REACH Strength Search Module

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