Adopting REACH LX Platform

Goal: Equip every leader with tools and techniques to excel at every step of leadership.

To achieve a better LX, a better EX, and higher-performing teams across the organisation.

In a practical sense, this means equipping each leader with practical tools, helping them develop the confidence and competence to use them, and helping them see their benefits so they are motivated to be hands on with them.

The process we recommend is a 4-stage adoption as follows:

  • Hear – This phase is about awareness that there is a complete new platform that will provide a new and comprehensive set of leadership tools. 
  • Heart – This is about developing an emotional connection to the name 'REACH' by providing an impactful debrief to self-assessments.
  • Head – During this phase, leaders and other key stakeholders learn about the platform more broadly and learn how to operationalise the tools.
  • Hands – Leaders are encouraged to begin getting hands-on with the tools.

Moving forward, standard processes are re-written to include REACH. so before long it's "just the way you do it" and the adoption is self-sustaining.

Introduced by: REACH Gold Partners | Owned by Internal HR Business Partners

This pre-launch phase varies between 1 month and 3 months depending on the size of the organisation. REACH is best introduced by the CEO at an all-hands or company-wide communication, with the message reinforced no fewer than 5 times in different contexts prior to launch. 

For example, introduced in the Town Hall or company news letter, then reinforced in the team meetings, and then again in the daily stand ups.

REACH Gold Partners will provide written content, images and video to support the awareness campaign in the 'Hear' phase. 

In this phase, we use the 'halo effect' of the virtually universally loved REACH self-assessments to create a positive association and curiosity for everything branded 'REACH'.  So when we move to adoption of the broader platform, there's a natural curiosity and openness.

This sets the project up for success compared to simply saying to the business: "We're adopting a new HR platform."

Why are REACH self-assessments almost universally loved? REACH self assessments are loved because:

  1. The survey only takes people about 12 minutes.
  2. The reports are plain language and easy to understand, yet still provide powerful 'aha moments.'
  3. While people fall into one of the 4 quadrants, the nature of REACH doesn't 'put people in a box,' which is a common push back, but highlights the differences between people even within the same primary style.
  4. Unilke the old-school personality profiles, REACH profiles are focused on development and come with a 'next step,'. So it's not just a 'report that gets put in the drawer' and a 'workshop we did once' — it is the start of a positive, fully resourced and measurable learning journey.

So, we take advantage of the powerful and much-loved self-assessments to create a positive emotional connection to 'REACH' using Group Debriefs of the self-assessments. 


Group Debrief Sessions:

Leaders and/or their teams are introduced to REACH through a group debrief of their Personal Profiles.

3-hour sessions ideally in-person, groups of 12-20 people. Online and hybrid sessions of up to 40 people can be successful. 

Delivered by: REACH Partners or Internal Practitioners (using REACH Academy content)

Small Business

In businesses of less than 200 people, the Group Debrief sessions are usually facilitated by REACH Partners.

Medium Business

In organisations of 200-1,000 people, the pilot and early sessions are usually facilitated by REACH Partners.

Then, internal HR Business Partners (HRBP) lead and facilitate the majority of the Group Debrief sessions.

Large Business

In large organisations, REACH Partners often deliver Train the Trainer sessions to internal HR Business Partners. Then, the internal  HRBPs lead the roll out with REACH Gold Partners available for support as required.

The REACH Gold Partners may also deliver the ELT Group Debrief sessions if requested.

At the end of this phase, each leader should be largely self-sufficient, and the internal HRBP/People & Culture Team are seen as the custodians and experts in all things REACH.

The REACH Gold Partners will be available for facilitation and consulting, and for system usage support, the REACH Support team and live chat is available. However, the goal is for the business and each leader to be confident and self-directed in the ongoing use of the platform. 

Learning content and resources are provided for each key stakeholder:

HR Business Partners

Receive the highest level system access and control and the most comprehensive training.

Training recommended for HRBPs:

  • REACH Platform Administrator
    ~ 6 hours of self-paced content/1 day – instructor led 
  • REACH Certified Practitioner 
    ~ 8 hours of self-paced content
  • REACH Group Debrief Certification 
    ~ 9 hours of self-paced content/1.5 days –instructor led
  • REACH 360 Group Debrief
    ~ 2 hours of self-paced content/0.5 day –instructor led
  • REACH Certified Leader
    ~ 5 hours of self-paced content/1 day  –instructor led


Receive system access to their team reports and dashboards.

Then all leaders complete:

  • REACH Certified Leader
    ~ 5 hours of self-paced content/1 day –instructor led

And when relevant:

Coaching Emerging Leaders Using the Coachers Companion & Group 360 debrief and potentially other academy courses. 

Support Staff

Receive system access reflective of the breadth of support they are providing.

All support staff complete:

  • REACH Platform Administrator
    ~ 6 hours of self-paced content/1 day –instructor led 

To ensure a successful and timely launch, we recommend instructor-led delivery of the training at launch. Each person can then be provided with eLearning for ready reference, and new starters, or people requiring refresher training, are provided with the self-directed learning options.

If instructor-led delivery is not practical, and the adoption is going to be completed using self-paced learning, it's important to provide allocated and dedicated time with fixed deadlines for each stakeholder to complete their required learning. 

View the course outlines on the REACH Academy page.

During this phase, the HRBP and/or REACH Gold Partners ensure the leaders and their support staff feel confident to (and then do) adopt the REACH tools for each step of leadership as they arise.

For example, using REACH for the first time to support their next recruiting and onboarding round or to undertake their first Culture Survey. This support maybe online, in person or as small working groups, depending on scale.