The only platform that provides practical tools for each step of leadership.

Leaders are equipped with data-led tools that are as powerful as they are practical. The magic of automation and the power of integration means they have insights and resources always tailored to their needs and always instantly available.

Confidence of being evidence based

Everything in one place with consistent language

More than just a collection of world-class resources

Tools that used to be interesting, now deliver powerful, measurable outcomes.

Profiling with a next step

With the Old “Traits Only” Tools, Awareness is the Outcome. With ReachLX, awareness is just the beginning – measurable growth is the outcome.

Do you use profile tools of some type? Do you find that they are interesting, and end up as an expensive .pdf that gets put in a drawer with no tangible outcome?

That’s because they only assess and describe traits. Traits can’t be grown, so there is no ‘next step’.

REACH profiles assess and describe traits and REACH (Skills and Awareness). REACH can be grown, and the system provides personally curated learning for your leaders and the entire workforce.

Are you still using old traits-only tools in recruitment or development? Why?

With REACH, after their profile debrief, each person has their own development pathway provided - it's profiling with a next step.

It's easy to integrate into your LMS or into Microsoft Teams. Which means people don't need to go anywhere new, their personalised learning just simply appears.

Culture solutions not surveys

With the stand-alone culture surveys, a report is the outcome. With REACH, understanding impact and measuring improvement is the outcome.

The REACH approach provides you with global benchmarking using a reliable, validated survey and allows you to add your own custom questions and tag your data for virtually infinite slicing, dicing and analysis.

However, because REACH Culture is part of an automated, integrated ecosystem, it is also a multi-modal world class learning resource. This means you can change behaviours and improve the employee experience.

Add to that your own custom questions, reporting tags and advanced analytics and you have the most powerful and complete Culture Solution.

Are you still using engagement surveys that leave you wondering what to do next? Why?

With REACH the survey results are just the beginning.

The plaftorm tells every leader why their scores matter, and proides ideas and resources to improve.

Strengths-based management

Strengths-based management is a great concept, that can be hard to implement without the right tools and processes. With REACH, you can.

Whether your building project teams, promoting from within, succession planning or just want to delegate more effectively people contribute more, and work more proactively when you help them play to their strengths. 

Having people work to their strengths improves engagement and creates an environment for people to do their best work and love their role.

REACH Strengths Search provides leaders data-led insights in just a few moments.

Measure growth of people

Does your investment in culture, leadership and learning deliver results? It may, however it’s likely you find it frustratingly difficult to quantify. With REACH, you can.

REACH automatically provides insights, benchmarks and tracks growth of many people metrics in ways that are unique and powerful. You're able to track key people metrics such as the growth of the agility of your workforce, leadership scores, your progress in retaining talent. You can even gain insights into the collective personality of your workforce and how much REACH has saved you in both time and money.

Because REACH is integrated and data-led, you have a live 'People P&L' so you can begin reporting on the people pillar with the same clarity and confidence that you can from other areas of the business.

The examples above provide some insights into how integration changes everything.

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