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We're on a mission to improve the lives of leaders, and leadership effectiveness. 

We're open to exploring partnerships that will help us have more impact more quickly.

The REACH Ecosystem LX Platform is an Australian-based, debt-free, self-funded and privately (founder) owned SaaS platform.

REACH is based on unique IP and is a profitable platform with constantly growing MRR with an increasingly steep growth curve. The total addressable market is simply defined for this web page as any organisation with more than 50 people.

We currently have channel partners and subscribers across the world including Europe, Asia-Pacific and the USA.

It’s our mission to make the world a happier, more productive place by improving the lives and effectiveness of leaders at each step of leadership.

We’re doing this by combining world-class tools, research and development, together with automation and data.

While we are still 100% founder-owned, and self-funded, we want to change as many lives and organisations as we can. So, if our mission is in line with your purpose, and if you can bring expertise and networks to help us scale, we would love to make the connection and see where the conversation leads.

To make a connection, the most direct way is to Paul Findlay (co-founder and CEO) via his LinkedIn profile.