The REACH Ecosystem is the LX Platform that equips leaders to excel at every step of leadership.

The platform is accessed on an unlimited-use, flat-rate 12-month subscription based on your organisation size.

What's Included?

The standard REACH subscription provides unlimited use of:




The Advantage REACH subscription provides all of that plus:

How much does it cost?

Unlimited usage of everything based on your size or stage of growth.

We are an SME

We have less than 200 people on our team

Standard: $495 monthly ($5,940 yearly)
Advantage: $795 monthly
($9,540 yearly)


A team of between 200 & 1000 people

Standard: $995 monthly ($11,940 yearly)
Advantage: $1,495 monthly ($17,940 yearly)


We have over 1,000 less than 5,000 people

Standard: $1,995 monthly ($23,940 yearly)
Advantage: $2,995 monthly ($35,940 yearly)


We're between 5,000 & 10,000 people

Standard: $2,995 monthly ($35,940 yearly)
Advantage: $4,495 monthly ($53,940 yearly)


Enterprise - organistions from over 10,000 up to 100,000's of people.


Prices shown in AUD. To see international prices click here.

How much are we likely to save?

Depending on how many parts of the ecosystem organisations decide to use, REACH can reduce costs by around 70%-80% for most organisations when compared to not having an unlimited-use ecosystem. Find out how much you could save here. /cost-benefit

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