What are your current numbers?

How much are your empty seats costing you?

First, from a lost revenue per employee perspective.

Every unfilled position in an organisation is not just an empty seat—it’s missed potential and lost revenue.

Second, from an overwork factor:

Second, from an overwork factor. How many people are spread too thin? What's your estimate on the impact to their productivity?


How many mis-hires happen in an average year, and what's the average salary of those roles?

Onboarding matters

Reflect on how well your onboarding engages people with their team, and equips them for their role.

  • 0 = we lose high potential people early in their tenure
  • 5 = We 'think' our onboarding is effective
  • 10 = We know our onboarding is a competitive advantage.

Are you losing talented people early? In the last year, how many new-hires that left within the first 90-days?

During change and high pressure, teams can fall back into counter-productive conflict known as 'storming'. How many teams do you estimate are distracted from productivity by counter-productive conflict?

How many hours per day do you estimate people are doing work that plays to their strengths? Compared to hours spent doing work they find draining or neutral - just 'doing the job'.

hours per day

With strengths-based hiring and management what % increase in time would you target for people to be contributing more by working to their strengths?


What % of your workforce do you estimate are:


On a scale of 1-10 what would you currently rate your Leadership Development?

Do you develop leaders early? What rating would you give to Leadership Development for all levels of your organisation?

All talk and no action? Or all action and no planning?


What are your current succession planning numbers?

Can you look across the workforce and instantly identify future leaders based on REACH (agility to adapt), skills, traits, strengths, 360 feedback and any other attribute instantly?

When considering importance of succession planning for your business right now, together with your tools to support it - on a scale of 1-10, what priority would you put on improving it?


What are your current talent-leak numbers?

Do you have a talent leak that’s causing regrettable loss of your skilled, knowledgeable people?


Rollout scope - what will REACH look like in your workplace?

Let's take a look!